RAW ROCK KILLS. And it's Showbread that's totin' THAT gun. Guitarist Matt Davis explains, "Our word for all forms of 'good' is 'raw.' No one ever knew what to say when people asked what style of music we were, so rather than come up with some hyphen-filled moniker, we just started saying 'raw rock' and turned it into our campaign." Bursting out of the South and across the nation, Showbread present a show not easily shaken from memory.
"No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical," is 13 tracks of battering raw rock with infectious tunes like their single, "Mouth Like a Magazine" while still feeling their unstoppable intensity throughout. Lyrically, the topics explore some pretty raw concepts: "Gossip and bitterness, art, Christians versus controversy, a lament from a man to his dead wife, a song about the author Franz Kafka meeting the giant roach from his story, 'The Metamorphosis...' It's a pretty broad spectrum," That's what Raw Rock is all about, right? Well, here's a raw interview with guitarist/vocalist,programmer,etc. Josh Dies from Showbread on tour in Nashville...

Deathway: How are things within the band?

Josh Dies: Things are great. Half of us are vampire,s and other half are werewolves, and I am a zombie.

DW: How is the current tour going?

JD: Good, except for the fact that the guys from Blindside are vampire, werewolf, and zombie hunters.

DW: What went into the writing of "Matthias replaces Judas"?

JD: It was basically a letter written to Jesus as a conversation between an imperfect person and a perfect person. We were looking for a really intimate moment on the album, and this song was more than we could have asked for.

DW: What does being a "Christian band" mean to you?

JD: Christians who are making music and using their faith as a driving force behind what the band is saying and doing.

DW: How do you stay grounded in Christ as a touring band?

JD: We meet for a nightly Bible study, and we do our own personal quiet times, while keeping each other accountable.

DW: How can we better reach this generation?

JD: The greatest commandments, LOVE. We need to show our generation what true love is and how important it is to ministering. It's easy to talk about it, but we need to shown it without saying a word. Then they will know what we are talking about.

DW: What do you think of the Church today?

JD: Touring so much we really don't have a church home, but we received a large amount of rejection from our home church, a Southern Baptist church in Georgia. The church today needs to be more like the church of Acts. In a lot of cases people are trying to do it the right way, but in others people just aren't doing it Biblically.

DW: What do the words "Dead to this World" mean to you?

JD: The verse "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind," is what comes to mind when I hear that. It's like being a zombie. No, really! A zombie is dead, but it still walks around and is driven by the basic needs in life. In the same we as Christians, who are infected with Christ, should walk around in this world and not become affected by its influences.


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